Reštaurácia ORIGIN



Origin’s philosophy is based on simplicity, freshness and quality. Our kitchen is a place of dynamic and passionate work, where we combine traditional and modern techniques, and our alpha and omega is “no food waste”. For the ingredients of our menu, we mainly use seasonal produce sourced from local and Slovak suppliers. However …


Our menu tries to primarily reflect the possibilities provided by Slovak ingredients according to the current season, but at the same time you can also find ingredients that are unusual, which gives the food the desired harmony and variety of taste. We make no compromises in terms of quality and freshness.


Our names are Lukáš and Dominika. We both come from Lučenec, hence our name “Origin”. After living together in Switzerland for a few years, we decided to come back home and create something together that will serve the community that is very close to us. and at the same time showcase our passion for gastronomy, which we have both been involved in for many years. That is why we decided to open …

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